Veterans Employment Initiative

We are proud to announce that we are about to embark on an exciting new employment initiative for unemployed military veterans. We will be working alongside Jackie Brown from JB Enterprises Ltd Training School, and will be offering opportunity for military veterans to gain certified qualifications and experience for operating crane, excavators and dumpers. With support from the local government, this will offer profound life-changing opportunities for military veterans to be reintegrated back into the working world. We will be supporting and offering opportunity to those who have sacrificed so much and risked their lives for our Queen and country.

Initially, this will be trialled in the Kent region but we hope for it to extend nationwide as the initiative develops and grows. Ant Middleton, ex Special Forces and TV personality, is an ambassador for this initiative and will be supporting us by promoting this project. If you know of a suitable candidate or wish to get involved in any way, please reach out to Michael Middleton of AJ and MJ Plant Sales Ltd on 02392 177099 or email to [email protected].

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